Troubleshooting Missed Trims XT and XTS

The information below resolves situations where the machine fails to cut the thread.

1.  Identify your Trimmer Type.

2.  Run an AmTrim test.

3.  Test for needle specific issues. When running AmTrim select 1-16 in your color sequence and record if you see a trend. If you determine that some needle bars never get the problem, but others do, that reduces the number of possible causes.

4.  Test for design specific issues. If AmTrim does not have missed trims but another design does, there are likely to be errors in the digitizing.

5.  Check the Trimmer type in the Operating Software. Tools > Maintenance > Information > Trimmer Type should be set to the model of machine.

  • Original Amaya (Big Red) = n/a
  • XT = 0
  • XTS = 2
  • EMT / EMT16Plus (S95 ) = 3
  • EMT X = NPT

You can change the Trimmer Type in the Steppers tab.



6.  Align the 32958 Trimmer Assembly (XT)or 33510 ACA Trimmer Assembly (XTS). First align the assembly to the Right, and test again. If it’s still happening, try Left and then Centered step 13 in Push/Pull Cables (for XT).


7.  For machine XTS machines (with ACA trimmer), skip these if you have an XT trimmer:


8.  Follow the steps for XT - Setting Knife and Selector to Home.

9.  Remove and reinstall the Push/Pull Cable.

10.  Follow the steps for Replacing XT Push/Pull Cables and Tubing.

11.  Perform a Trimmer Function Test.

12.  Update your software to the most recent software version.

13.  Check your Bobbin.

14.  Check your Presser-Foot.

15.  Check your Acti-Feed.

16.  Troubleshoot the Needle.

17.  Check your Hook Adjustments. For EMT16Plus and EMT16* or for XTS and XT

18.  Replace your Cutter XT KNIFE PN: 32748 or ACA Trimmer Module PN: 33519.

19.  Replace your Rotary Hook. Replacing EMT16Plus and EMT16 Hook or Replacing XT and XTS Hook

20.  If the situation remains unresolved, you will need additional technical assistance. Here are the available Melco Technical Support

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