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A false break occurred if your machine stopped with a Bobbin Break or Thread Break message, while the top thread and bobbin thread are tied into the fabric, if there are no other sew quality issues. Friction can hold thread into fabric without a proper tie-in, gently pull the bobbin and top thread attempting to unthread them from the fabric. If either thread can be pulled out, the machine Misstarted. If the thread can't be unthreaded but you can see some stitches popping out of their holes, the machine mis-stitched. If the thread seems to tie-in correctly the article below will help you to confirm if there was a sew quality issue that caused the Bobbin Break.

1.  Set the correct gap for the Rotary Hook Support.

mceclip0.png    mceclip1.png


2.  Update your software to the most recent software version.

3.  Check your Bobbin.

4.  Check your Presser Foot.

5.  Check your Acti-Feed.

6.  Check the speed the machine is set to run. Melco machines are calibrated to run at 1100 stitches per minute. It can be adjusted to run at lower speeds or higher speeds when needed for special applications and will slow itself down for longer stitch lengths. However, in general the machine will run well with the speed set at 1100 on flats and 900 on caps.

7.  Verify that the Thread Path is correct.

8.  Troubleshoot the Needle.

9.  Check for Flat Lining.

10.  Check your Hook Adjustments for EMT16Plus and EMT16 or for XTS and XT.

11.  Check the Digitizing. It's possible that there is a digitization error with Column Width being too short, or the Density being too dense.


Here is an example of a short stitch length (the red thread) trying to sew onto a hat. Digitizing like this might produce sew quality issues.

12.  Test for a Turning off Enable All Thread Detection continues to produce machine stopping issue.

13.  If the Take-up Lever Drive Gear is not aligned you might see Skipped Stitches or Flatline Acti-Feed.

skipped stitches.png

14.  If the situation remains unresolved, you will need additional technical assistance. Here are the available Melco Technical Support options.  You may need assistance with:

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