Troubleshooting the Physical Connection of the Machine to the Computer

Check the Physical Connection first, if you have a Physical Connection problem, follow the steps below. Between each step check the physical connection again to verify if the issue is resolved.

1. Update your software to the most recent version.

2.  If your machine is connected to a Hub or Switch, connect it directly to the computer. If Windows Control panel detects the connection, the Hub/Switch was most likely causing the connection issue. Replace the Hub/Switch.

3.  Check the LED Light on the keypad. Follow these steps if there is No Light on the Keypad.

4.  Try a different Ethernet Port in the computer. If Windows Control panel detects the connection, the Port was most likely causing the connection issue.

5.  Check for a USB Adapter Disappearing issue.

6.  Try a different Ethernet Cable. If Windows Control panel detects the connection, the Cable was most likely causing the connection issue.

7.  Try connecting the Ethernet directly into the Main-PCB of the machine, to bypass the Coupler.

CAUTION!! Always observe ESD precautions when handling the main PCB. While the main PCB is resistant to electrostatic discharge, the potential to damage electronic components still exists.

CAUTION!! Do not handle the main PCB without turning the machine off. While the voltage input to the PCB is only approximately 36 volts DC, handling the PCB could short the components out while the PCB is still energized and damage the PCB severely

CAUTION!! Use extreme care not to drop metallic objects, tools, or other conductive material on the Main PCB when you have the base cover removed. If you drop such objects on the Main PCB, it can severely damage the electronics which can be very expensive to repair.

  • Remove the Support Table/Tray of the machine.

mceclip0.png     mceclip1.png

  • Unplug the Ethernet cable in the Left Port, and plug the Ethernet cable leading to the computer into this port.


If Windows Control panel detects the connection, the Coupler (Product Code: 000434-02) or Ethernet harness that connects the Coupler to the Main-PCB might be causing the connection issues. Verify if the harness is working correctly and or replace the Coupler. Plug the Ethernet cables back into their original configuration. While the Ethernet cable is plugged directly into the Main-PCB pay close attention that no force yanks on the cable, this could permanently damage the Main-PCB.



Top picture is of the Coupler and the bottom picture is of the screws that secure the tray if the coupler needs to be replaced. Two on the side of the tray and one on the back of the machine.

8.  If you are using a 31058-19 (or older) mainboard, follow the steps to Reset the Main-PCB.

9.  If the situation remains unresolved, you will need additional technical assistance. Here are the available Melco Technical Support options. You might need to:

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