No Light on Keypad

Before following the steps below, determine which Main-PCB is in your machine. Follow the steps for the appropriate Main-PCB.


  1. Reseat the ethernet cable on the back of the Keypad.
  2. For 31058-19 Or Older Main-PCBs make sure Tools > Options > Ethernet > Force Download is checked.
  3. Verify the Physical Connection with one machine plugged directly into the computer. While the machine is off, the Control Panel - Change Adapter Settings should show a Red X. Melco machines require a dedicated connection. Internet should not be connected with the same Ethernet as the machines. With a 34799 Main-PCB the Red X might flash on and off every 2 minutes, this also confirms it is not a physical issue.
  4. With the direct connection bypassing any ethernet hub or switch, Power Cycle the machine and wait 2minutes.
  5. For 31058-19 Or Older Main-PCBs disconnect the Ethernet from the back of the embroidery machine and Power Cycle the machine. You might need to power cycle twice. If the light comes on the KeyPad while the Ethernet is unplugged; check for X/Y/Z motor issues. You might also receive a Loading CSA And RSA Programs To Machine message.
  6. Reseat the ethernet cable to the Keypad on the Main-PCB.
  • Remove the 4 screws that hold the main PCB cover in place.


  • Remove the Main-PCB cover.
  • Once the main PCB cover is removed, loosen but do not remove the 2 PCB securing tray screws in the front and fully remove the securing plate screw in the rear.


  • Gently slide the main PCB mounting tray forward to gain full access to the main PCB.

7.  Check for Lights on the Main-PCB.

8.  For 34799 Main-PCBs try a USB reflash.

9.  For 34799 Main-PCBs verify that the name of the .bin files matches the software version.

10.  For 31058-19 Or Older Main-PCBs try using a different computer. If the computer cannot send RSA or CSA files to the machine, there might not be a light on the keypad.

11.  If the situation remains unresolved, you will need additional technical assistance. Here are the available Melco Technical Support options.

Unplugging the Z Motor might allow the OS to load. When the OS loads, change the Serial Number for the affected machine. If there are two machines, check if both machines shared the same serial number in the OS.

  • Try using Amaya OSv10 or Amaya OSv9 if you are using an older Operating Software.
  • Replace the Main-PCB.
  • Uninstall and Reinstall the software
  • Try a Clean Uninstall.
  • Power Cycle with the ethernet plugged into the main-PCB, bypassing the Coupler.
  • Reseat the Rainbow cable
  • Check if the issue occurs after loading a specific design
  • Check if the adapter or Ethernet Switch type is causing issues






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