USB Reflash

If your Melco machine is recognized by the software, try a Standard Firmware Reflash.

USB Reflash applies to new Main-PCB PN#34799 (introduced in 2016) and does not apply to earlier mainboards, such as PN#31058-19.

1.  Make note of the software version under Help > About.  (Internal Article - Technical Support Only)

2. Turn the machine off.

3.  You will need a USB Flash Drive (32GB capacity, or less.) The USB Flash Drive must be empty.

4.  Formatting the USB Flash Drive with a FAT32 format is required. USB Flash Drives with a capacity above 32GB cannot be formatted to the required FAT32 format.  exFAT format is not supported.

5.  Copy the three .bin files from the Operating Software folder on your computer onto the USB Flash Drive. They can be found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Melco\Melco OS v11\RSA. You might not have Melco OS v11 folder if you are using a different software.  If that is the case, go into the appropriate software folder .


6.  Safe Eject the USB Flash Drive in Windows and remove it from the computer's USB port.

7a.  For EMT16 models, remove the covers for the Main-PCB

  • Remove the 4 screws that hold the main PCB cover in place.


  • Remove the Main-PCB cover.
  • Once the main PCB cover is removed, loosen but do not remove the 2 PCB securing tray screws in the front and fully remove the securing plate screw in the rear.


  • Gently slide the Main-PCB mounting tray forward to gain full access to the main PCB. 

7b.  For Bravo and Bernina E16 models, the Main-PCB is below the Base Cover and EMI Cover.


8.  Plug the USB Flash Drive into the Main-PCB. It does not matter which USB port the Flash Drive is plugged into.



9.  Locate the Update Button.



10.  Turn the machine on while holding the Update Button down. Wait 10 seconds before letting go of the Update Button.

11.  Wait 3 minutes.

12.  Turn the machine off.

13.  Unplug USB Flash Drive.

14.  Open the Operating Software on the computer.

15.  Turn the Melco Machine on.

16.  Wait 5 minutes (occasionally longer).

17.  If the machine has a light on the keypad, but is not recognized by the software, follow the steps for Machine Not Detected.

18. If the machine does not have a light on the keypad follow the steps below (using a different USB Flash Drive if available...also formatted to FAT32.)

19. Bypass any Ethernet Hub and connect the machine directly to the computer.

20. Turn the machine off.

21. Using a different USB Flash Drive, format it to FAT32, copy the .bin files to it and plug it into the Main-PCB using a different USB port.

22. Unplug the Ethernet from the back of the machine.

23. Turn the machine on while holding the Update Button down. Wait 20 seconds before letting go of the Update Button.

24.  Wait 5 minutes.

25.  Turn the machine off.

26. Unplug USB Flash Drive.

27. Turn the machine on.

28. Wait 5 Minutes (occasionally longer)

29.  If the situation remains unresolved, you will need additional technical assistance. Here are the available Melco Technical Support options. The ‘Mainboard’ might need replacing.

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