Machine color changes past Needle #16


Most Melco machines Color Change and move to needle #1 when they first turn on. If a machine cannot Home to needle #1, it might attempt to move past needle #16. The list below covers reasons why the machine might be attempting to move past needle #16. There is also a similar Machine attempts to color change past Needle #1 condition.

1.  Power Cycle the machine.  If it can reach Needle #1, Power Cycle the machine while it's on Needle #1.

2.  Delete the JOBS and MACHINES folders.

3.  Check for a Z Bind. The bind might only occur rotating the shaft one way, but not the other, try both.

4.  Check the Upper Arm Left Front Cover PN: 32865 for binding at the bottom on the Needle Case. (Internal Article)


5.  Check for Freed Needle Case Lower Bar.

6.  After a Power Cycle check for a Color Change seek error.

7.  Verify if the Stud would be free to move into the Reciprocator during a Color Change. Do not try to color change if the stud would fall on top of the Reciprocator.

8.  Remove the Left Clam Shell Cover.


9.  Loosen the M4 X 8mm Bracket Screw PN: 672018-08 on the left and try to Color Change. If the machine color changes, tighten the screw, install the covers and skip the rest of the steps below.


10.  Loosen the M4 Hex Nut PN: 009561-04 with a 7mm Socket on the right and try to Color Change. Tighten the nut and the screw from the previous step. If the machine color changes, install the covers and skip the rest of the steps below.



11.  Check if the Drive Stud for #1 has fallen off the end. Turn the keypad back to get a better view of the Drive Stud.

12.  If the situation remains unresolved, you will need additional technical assistance. Here are the available Melco Technical Support Resources.


Additionally, You might need to perform a Default Table and then a Set Table or the machine might display the message: Stored Color Change Calibration Values Do Not Match The Current Values


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