Deleting Jobs and Machines Folders

1.  Picture1.pngCaution: These changes will reset the settings for all machines connected to the computer the steps are being followed on.


2.  Deleting ‘Jobs and Machines’ can change settings and information about what’s currently loaded in the Operating Software. Before following the steps, make sure you’re not in the middle of a sew out and that your stitch count says 0. You can reset the stitch count to 0 with the ‘Reset Design’ button.



Some of the settings that could change might include but are not limited to; the color tree, sew speed, acti-feed, current laser alignment (x/y), current stitch count, the loaded design, Statistical Reports, User Login and settings by color.


3.  Turn off your Melco Machine(s).


4.  Close the machine Operating Software.


5.  Open the File Explorer.



6.  Go to the installed location of your Operating Software.

     C:\ Drive > Program Files (x86) > Melco > Melco OS v11

     For older AMAYA Operating Software (OS) it might be a folder named AMAYA v10  or v9






C:\Program Files (x86)\Melco\Melco OS v11


7.  Delete the Jobs and Machines folders.



8.  Before sewing, check your settings. Settings that might have changed could include but are not limited to; the Color Tree, Sew Speed, Acti-feed, job information, tie in/off, ‘Force Design Return to Origin’, ‘Use Colors From Design’, and ‘Settings by Color’.

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