Determining Mainboard Model and Revision in AMAYA, XT, XTS, Bravo and EMT16 Machines

Determining if you have a 34799 (Current Technology) or 31058-19 (or older) Mainboard

There are two platforms for the Main PCB (mainboard) in Melco embroidery machines. These two platforms have unique troubleshooting steps. This article will help you identify which platform is in your machine.


Current Technology Mainboard (left) - Original Mainboard Style (right)


  1. Open your Operating Software and turn on your machine


  1. Click on Tools > Maintenance



  1. In the Information tab check to see how many items are listed:


Current (34799-Style) Mainboard (Firmware Version)




Original (31058-Style) Mainboard (CSA Revision)


If you have a short list of items that includes ‘Firmware version:’ you have a current technology 34799 mainboard (Bravo mainboard Part Number 34800).

If you have a long list of items that includes ‘RSA Revision:’ you have an earlier technology 31058-xx mainboard (Bravo mainboard Part Number 34001).


Determining the Revision of the 31058 Mainboard 


This information only applies to 31058 main PCBs, it does not apply to 34799 main PCBs, check the steps above to see which type is in your machine.

CAUTION!! Always observe ESD precautions when handling the main PCB. While the main PCB is resistant to electrostatic discharge, the potential to damage electronic components still exists.

CAUTION!! Do not handle the main PCB without turning the machine off. While the voltage input to the PCB is only approximately 36 volts DC, handling the PCB could short the components out while the PCB is still energized and damage the PCB severely

CAUTION!! Use extreme care not to drop metallic objects, tools, or other conductive material on the Main PCB when you have the base cover removed. If you drop such objects on the Main PCB, it can severely damage the electronics which can be very expensive to repair.


  1. Turn the machine OFF. 
  1. Remove the Support Table/Tray of the machine.


  1. Let the machine sit before touching the Main PCB and place your hand somewhere on a metallic unpainted part of the machine body (not the Main PCB) to dissipate any residual static in the machine or your body. 
  1. Remove the Metal (EMI) cover. If your machine has a cooling fan attached to the cover, make sure not to yank or damage the wire connecting it to the main PCB.


  1. Look for the ASSY: This is usually in the center of the board or the bottom right corner.



  1. You can find the revision number of the 31058 board at the end of the white sticker. It is a 2-digit number and a letter after "31058-".


This is an example of a 31058-19 board.



This is an example of a 31058-16 board.

Note: Machines with a -16 Mainboard or earlier (-15, -14, -13, etc.) are not compatible with Melco OS v11. You might also encounter problems with Melco OS v11 if your machine has a -17 board.  Melco OS v11 functions properly with -18 and -19 Mainboards.


Here are details on repairs for Original 31058-19 and earlier mainboards.


Here are the part numbers for Mainboard Upgrade Kits::

• EMT16: R34823
• Bravo2: R34824
• Bernina E16: R34825

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