Barcode Overview

Using barcodes and barcode readers to load designs to machines in Melco OS is one way to speed up production.

Please review this information within the Melco OS Advanced Interface Manual for barcode usage.

Before using a Barcode scanner see: Enabling The Barcode Scanner In Melco OS And AMAYA OS.

In the Operating Software and in DesignShop: In Tools > Options > Barcode, it is recommended to leave the Print Hoops and Print Designs boxes unchecked.

To use Barcodes you will need a 3rd party font, for example a 3 of 9.


Errors and Messages while using barcodes:


Additional Functionality - Added in Melco OS v11.17.165 and higher:

  • Added Registry entry BCForceFileExt. When set to a supported file extension name such as .u01, this file extension will be added to a barcode scan. Example, user scans a barcode of *stars*. A file extension of .uo1 will be added to the scan resulting in a scan of *stars.u01*.
  • This is a String Value located in:  Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Melco\MC\Settings
  • Name the String Value: BCForceFileExt


  • Then set the Data Value to the file extension. For example .u01


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