Enabling the Barcode Scanner in Melco OS and AMAYA OS

Enjoy this Melco video on Barcode Scanning.

To use a Barcode Scanner in Melco OS or AMAYA OS (not available in Bravo OS) you will need to follow the steps below:

  • In Melco OS or AMAYA OS go to Tools > Options > Barcode Options
  • Check the Enable box.
  • Select a compatible Barcode Font.  ‘IDAutomation | Code 39’ works well.
  • Select the folder you store your designs in. A main folder in C:\ is recommended.  Sub-folders do not work.


  • The Barcode Scanner being used must be Wedge.  Do not use a Serial Barcode Scanner.
  • Check if artificial lighting affects your scanner. Some light sources might cause problems, such as some types of LED lights used for video production. 
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