--Cycling-- initializing machine - please wait



If your software cycles on this message and the message flashes on and off continuously (more than twice), follow the steps below.

1.  Confirm that you are using the correct software for your machine; either Melco OS or Bravo OS.  (Bravo Machine Serial Numbers start with "340").  You might also need to Determine Machine Type - Beep Test.

2.  Power Cycle your embroidery machine and wait 3 minutes.

3.  Check the LED Light on the Keypad

a.  No Light On Keypad

b.  Red Light and Constant slow beeping

4. Check for a Z Bind.

5.  Check for a Y Bind, this might be caused by the Red Wide Angle Cap Driver.

6.  Check for a X Bind, this might be caused  by the End Cap Came Off And Bar Is Sticking Out.

7.  If possible, check Tools > Maintenance > Information > for Trimmer Type ????. If you are using the Operating Software with SE, check if the machine will detect in Flex.

8.  If the situation remains unresolved, you will need additional technical assistance to confirm a Freezing or Cycling situation. Here are the available Melco Technical Support options.

  • Check the Log for Communication Timeout.
  • If the machine is listed as No Name, verify the Beep Test.


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