Serial Number, Manufacturing Date, Stitch Time/Hours and Stitch Count

Serial Number and Manufacturing Date

There is a Part Number "P/N:",  Serial Number "S/N:" and Manufacturing Date "Date:"  on a label located on the right side of the machine:

SerialNumberLocation.jpg          2019-07-12_16-02-35.jpg


P/N: is the Part Number (Model Number) of the machine

S/N: is typically a 6- or 9-digit number


Date: can be read as follows:

Example:     Date: FL0942

FL – manufacturing code

09 – Year the machine was made (2009)

42 – Week that the machine was made (42nd week of 2009)



Run Time and Stitch Count

CPU Time and Z Run Time are shown in:  hours:minutes:seconds   (see below)

To determine the Total Stitch Count, open the Melco OS, Amaya OS, or Bravo OS software, choose Tools - Maintenance and observe the Z Axis Rotations value.  Every stitch requires two rotations, so divide the Z Axis Rotations value by two and you will have the total stitch count.  (see below)


Z Axis Rotations: 45522578 

45522578 ÷ 2  =  22,761,289 total stitches


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