Checking for a Z Bind

The Z Shaft controls the up and down movement of the Needle Bar and spins the Rotary Hook. If a bind occurs during sewing, your Melco machine may stop with the needle down to prevent damage to the machine.  Here is an example of a bind in the fabric.

  1. Make sure the Grabber is out.

  2. Turn your Melco machine off.
  3. If possible, remove any fabric and hoop.

  4. Locate the Z Shaft.



5.  With the power off, try to turn the Z Shaft by hand two full rotations clockwise and then two full rotations counter-clockwise. The needle should go up and down without binding, scratching or hitting anything. As the needle is coming up you will need to fight gravity and it will become more difficult, this is normal. 

6.  If there is no Z Bind, turn your machine ON. 

7.  If there is a Z Bind, follow the steps to clear the bind.

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