Breaking Needles when Sewing Caps

If you only encounter needle breaks when sewing 3D Foam (Puff) on caps, review this information first.

There are a number of important things to check if you encounter problems, including breaking needles, when sewing caps:


1)     Follow the steps for Troubleshooting Needle Breaks.

2)     Update your software to the most recent software version.
3)     Make sure the design has been digitized specifically to be sewn on caps.

4)     Make sure the Cap Driver is precisely adjusted also detailed in this video presentation.

5)     Check your Presser Foot.

6)     Check the Hooping.

7)     Troubleshoot the Needle.
8)     Check the Hook Timing and Needle to Hook Gap for EMT16/Plus/X or for XT and XTS.

9)    Check the Rotary Hook Support (Retaining Finger).

10)   Some styles of Caps cause Deflection due to positioning or material.  This is worse near the Visor or Crown.  Verify if your application is causing issues.


In this example, the distance between the Fabric and the Needle Plate is too great near the Visor. Run a Position Point Test near the Visor, Crown, and center to confirm.

11)   Follow the steps for Presser-Foot Gap Adjustment.



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