3D Foam (Puff) Digitizing And Embroidering

Here are several great resources for 3D Foam (Puff) Digitizing:


Melco's Presentation - Digitizing for 3D Embroidery on Facebook and YouTube

Melco's Presentation on Facebook - 3D Embroidery on Hats

Melco 3D Embroidery Hack for Hats

Our online article Digitizing for 3D Embroidery

For thicker 3D Foam, such as 6mm foam, we recommend using the KK style of needles. They have a shorter shank and a longer blade and allow for thicker fabrics. Measuring the blade height when the needle is in the bottom center position there is just over 5mm of height for fabric (or foam). When using 6mm foam the shank is actually in the foam which traps the thread from being pulled up.


Also, review the information in the attached PDF File below (General Digitizing Steps and Tips for Puff Embroidery), then use the Sample Designs (below) on stable garments such as caps or bags.

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