NPT Movable Trimmer Blade Replacement Kit

This article only applies to current Melco machine models, featuring the NPT (Needle Plate Trimmer) system.  If your Melco machine model features a different type of trimmer, refer to this article instead.

  • NPT Replacement Movable Trimmer Blade Kit is Part Number:  35659

(Complete NPT Assembly is Part Number: 35075  Refurbished NPT Assembly is Part Number: R35075 Available through Melco Customer Care)

Those are all Consumable parts which carry a 90-Day Warranty.

Review this Trimmer Blade Replacement Instructions video which shows the the instructions below.


Important:  If your machine serial number is in the following range,  review these instructions to identify your style of Needle Plate Assembly.


  • EMT16X:   Serial Numbers 414699 through 415729
  • BRAVO X and Melco BRAVO:   Serial Numbers 340364349 through 340364424
  • BERNINA E16 PLUS and PRO:   Serial Numbers 120362030 through 120362093



1. Using a 2.5mm Allen wrench, loosen and remove the two (2) hex head needle plate screws on either side of the bottom of the lower arm as shown in the image below.

2. Remove the needle plate from the machine by lifting the needle plate straight up:


3. Flip the needle plate over and identify the NPT movable trimmer blade and securing hardware, highlighted in the image below:


4. Using the 1.5mm bent Allen wrench provided in the Operators' Kit, remove the NPT movable trimmer blade's securing hardware, and remove the NPT movable trimmer blade.  IMPORTANT:  Be sure to use the correct size of Allen wrench so that the screw is not damaged when removed...another shoulder screw is included in the blade replacement kit in the event that the original screw becomes damaged.


5. Install the NPT movable trimmer blade as shown in the image below, using the 1.5mm bent Allen wrench provided in the Operators' Kit.  Make sure the blade is properly oriented and is not installed upside down:


knife_yes.png            knife_no.png

6. Reattach the NPT moveable trimmer blade's securing hardware.




7. With the NPT movable trimmer blade in the Back position, place the needle plate over the hook area. As you install the needle plate, place it straight down and ensure that the hole in the blade falls over the post from the link:


8. Install the two (2) hex head needle plate screws, one on each side of the bottom of the needle plate as shown in the image. Leave them slightly loose as the needle plate will need to be able to be moved. It will be centered and tightened in a later step.



9. Press the E-stop to free the z-shaft.

10. Reach under the machine and rotate the z-shaft slowly to lower the needle through the hole in the needle plate and to its bottommost position.



11. Move the needle plate left or right until the needle is centered (left/right) in the needle plate hole as shown in this image:



12. Fully tighten the two (2) hex head needle plate screws.

13. After the needle plate is in place and tightened, release the E-stop by turning the button in the direction of the arrows.

14. When the E-stop is released, the machine will move the needle back up to its appropriate position.



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