Identify NPT Assembly Style

 If your Melco machine is within the following serial numbers, you will need to identify the style of Needle Plate Assembly before attempting to replace the Movable Knife within the assembly.

If your machine serial number is within this range:

  • EMT16X:   Serial Numbers 414699 through 415729
  • BRAVO X and Melco BRAVO:   Serial Numbers 340364349 through 340364424
  • BERNINA E16 PLUS and PRO:   Serial Numbers 120362030 through 120362093

Inspect the bottom of the needle plate for a special "BT" marking. 

If your Needle Plate Assembly includes that BT marking, you will not be able to successfully replace the Movable Knife in that assembly. If the knife is not functioning properly, you will need to request a Needle Plate Assembly exchange from Melco Technical Support.

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