Thread Looping Above the Pinch Rollers

Make sure your Bobbin Type, and Bobbin Tension is correct.  If you have a Melco Tension Gauge, the EMT16 will perform best with 22 grams of pressure on the bobbin.  If you instead test bobbin tension by holding the thread and flicking your wrist, you generally want about 1/2" drop of the bobbin case.


To determine if this is being caused by Thread Tension, pinch the thread with your fingers as it comes out of the cone to add slight tension.  If that seems to eliminate the looping, try putting sleeves on the cones.  This is one example of Expandable Netting that you can try.

If your production environments has a high level of static, spray the thread with anti-static spray.


Make sure that your hook and trimmer system has tight connections.  Tighten any of these screws if they are loose.  Here are the EMT 16 screws: 




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