False Bobbin Break

If your machine has a Bobbin Break message but the top thread and bobbin thread are tied into the fabric with no sew quality issues, follow the steps below.  Bobbin Breaks are detected after 15 stitches.

1.  Update your software to the most recent software version.

2.  Set your Sensitivity to default.

3.  If you are using Amaya OS v9 consider purchasing an upgrade to Amaya OS v10. Otherwise verify Auto Bobbin Enable/Disable is checked. Currently the only application for which Melco recommends Disabling Bobbin Thread Detection is when sewing Caps using Amaya OS v9 or older.



4.  Some applications might appear to run better with Enable Bobbin Thread Detection turned off, but this is not recommended because the situation is more likely caused by digitizing errors. Depending on the Software version, applications to consider:

5. Check for Flatline Acti-Feed.

6.  If the situation remains unresolved, you will need additional technical assistance. Here are the available Melco Technical Support options.
a.   Follow the steps for Bobbin Break.

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