Flatline Acti-Feed

Follow steps below to confirm if your machine is Flatlining.

1.  Test for flatlining on thicker fabrics. 4 Layers of 3oz backing can be used.

2.  Test for flatlining on needle #1 and #16.

3.  Update your software to the most recent software version.

4.  Check your Bobbin and Presser Foot. If these are not correct the test will produce a misleading result. It is recommended to do the test with a new bobbin.

5.  Reduce the Auto Minimum/Preset Acti-Feed to 0 and check for Flatline.

In this example the machine is flatlining at 0.


6.  Ignore any tie-in or tie-off sequence, they have their own Acti-Feed calculation.

In this example the machine is flatlining, the spike at the start was a tie-in and does not confirm the machine is not flatlining.


7.  Flatlining only occurs when the Current Acti-Feed never increases itself from the Minimum.

In this example even though there is a long straight line, the machine is not flatlining. This is because the straight line is at 4 while the minimum is set to 1.


8.  Ignore the Current Acti-Feed if it is negative during a tie-in/tie-off.


9.  The below picture shows normal Acti-Feed that is not flatlining.


10.  If the situation remains unresolved, you will need additional technical assistance. Here are the available Melco Technical Support options.

  • Rotate the Thread Sensor 1/4th turn
  • Replace the Thread Sensor
  • mc/jobs/machines refresh
  • Uninstall and Reinstall the Operating Software
  • Firmware Reflash / -19 reset button
  • Reseat the Harnesses PN: 30173-05
  • Check the Main-PCB
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