X:0 is not at Physical Hoop Center


  1. Press the Center Hoop button.  x0_1.png

  2. Attach the 15cm (5.85in) hoop onto the machine.
  3. If the Needle is not directly above the hoop, bring your needle down by going to Tools > Maintenance > Head Timing > Bottom Center.  (If your hoop is too tall, Set Position to 67)


  4. Measure the distance of the needle to the left and right side of the outer edge of the hoop. Both sides should be evenly apart. (7.5cm)

  5. To bring the needle up, close the menu.
  6. If the distance left and right of the needle is even, skip any other steps. If it is not, continue with the troubleshooting below.



Between each step, Power Cycle the machine and check the alignment with the test from above.

1.  Turn the machine off and manually push the X carriage until you can see the Optical Switch. Gently clean the Optical Switch for the X home with a cloth and then spay it with canned air.




2.  Check the X-Cable Tension.

3.  Check the Sensors Menu. If the sensor does not read, you might need to replace the 3.5" Optical Switch Assembly PN: 30704-03.

4.  Clean the X carriage interrupter.


5.  Verify Homing while the pantograph is pull as far to the left, and again pulled as far to the right as it can go when the machine is power cycled.

6.  Check the X Home Optical Switch alignment.

7.  If the situation remains unresolved, you will need additional technical assistance. Here are the available Melco Technical Support options.

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