Damaged EMT16 and EMT16Plus (S95) Cutter

S95 Cutter PN: 34666-01.

Before replacing the cutter, follow the steps in the appropriate article first, for example Thread Breaks or Slingshots. The below images help identify if a S95 cutter is damaged. This damage could be caused by Needle Breaks or Birds Nests, be sure to follow proper birds nest removal steps.

Remove the Cutter to inspect it by following the steps for EMT16 and EMT16Plus machines.


Place the cutter on a flat surface so the channels are pointed up.


Warping to the selector and cutter channels:

The picture on the left shows an even crescent shape for a good cutter. The picture on the right shows a damaged cutter with the channels fanning apart.


Separation of the selector and cutter channels:

If the distance between the channels is separated too far, that might cause miss-selects. A 2mm Hex Wrench can be used to gauge this gap.


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