Troubleshooting Thread Breaks



Some of the information in this article is covered in our YouTube video about Thread Break Troubleshooting. If you are still running into issues after following the steps in the video, follow the information below which has additional information. Small adjustments can greatly impact thread breaks, read each linked article carefully as to not overlook these important details.

There are similar issues that will prompt a Thread Break error message on the computer but have different steps to follow. Before following the steps below verify you are not getting; Missed Stitches, Slingshots, or False Bobbin Break issues. 

  1. Update your software to the most recent software version.  
  2. Check your Bobbin.
  3. Check your Presser-Foot.
  4. Make sure machine has proper lubrication and maintenance.
  5. Check your Acti-Feed.
  6. Troubleshoot the Needle
  7. Check the Digitization.
  8. Check your Hook Adjustments. For EMT16Plus and EMT16* or for XTS and XT
  9. Check the Thread Path.
  10. Check the Thread Cone.
  11. Check the Backing.  Using too much Spray Adhesive can gum up the needle. Try to avoid using Spray Adhesive if possible or avoid spraying on the sew area.
  12. Check the Hooping.
  13. Verify you are using the Correct Needle Type.
  14. Make sure a Thread Feed Forward 200 Test completes successfully.
  15. Try a Feeder Profile Test.
  16. For EMT16 and EMT16Plus models, check for a Damaged Cutter.  For all other models, including EMT16X, make sure that the Cutter is Homed.
  17. Replace your Rotary Hook. EMT16 (Plus & X) or XT and XTS.
  18. Replace the Needle Plate.
  19. If the situation remains unresolved, you will need additional technical assistance. Here are the available Melco Technical Support options.
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