Removing Needle Bars

Removing the Needle Bar:

1.  Remove the Hook. For EMT16 and EMT16 Plus or for XT and XTS.

2.  Remove the front magnetic Needle Case Access Cover PN: 34579.



3.  Loosen the set screw on the Needle Bar Drive StudFor models previous to EMT16X and Bravo X, you might need to drop the needle to Bottom Center to access the screw.  If the screw cannot be loosened, a Melco Certified Technician would be needed to Adjust the Needle Case.

mceclip1.png        mceclip3.png

Note: For needle #1 & 2 check the right side of the case for a hole that will allow you to reach the screw on the drive stud.


For all other needles use the 2.5mm Allen Wrench with the shortened tail PN: 32189, which can be found in the Operator’s Kit with the machine. (not the set of 7 wrenches in the red plastic case, but the set of 3 individual wrenches packaged separately)


4.  Remove the Needle Bar.


5.  As the Needle Bar passes the Drive Stud, remove the Drive Stud.


6. Remember which Needle Bar and which Drive Stud matched which bar position for when you reinstall the bars.


Reinstalling the Needle Bar:

1.  Turn the Machine ON.

2.  In Melco OS, click on Tools > Maintenance as shown below.


3.  Click on the Head Timing tab.


4.  Lower the needle to the Bottom Center position by holding down the Adjust button and the Down Arrow.


5.  Place the Drive Stud inside the Reciprocator. Make sure the screw is faced to the right.

dstud1.png         dstud2.png

6.  Reinstall the Needle Bar. As the Needle Bar passes into the Needle Case, verify that the bar is passing through a hole in the cotton felt inside the needle case. Slide the Needle Bar through the drive stud, and then one additional guide hole at the top of the Needle Case. If the bar binds, oiling the bar and spinning it can help it pass through the guides.


7.  Verify the Needle Clamp on the Needle Bar is faced 45 degrees to the right. Verify the bottom of the Needle Clamp is even with the 3rd bend on the presser-foot, and tighten the screw on the Drive Stud.


8.  Bring the needle to head up by holding down the Adjust button and the Up Arrow.


9.  Reinstall the Hook. After reinstalling the hook do Needle Depth. For EMT16 and EMT16 Plus or for XT and XTS.

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