Allowing Melco Software to communicate through Windows Defender Firewall

These instructions are for Windows 10. For other versions of Windows the steps might be similar but not necessarily the same. To set Melco software as an expedition follow the steps below. For more detailed information on Windows Firewall settings, consult your IT professional.


1.  Click on the Windows button in the bottom left. Type in Firewall and click on Windows Defender Firewall.


2.  Click Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall.


If you see the below message, check your Anti-Virus Software.



3.  Click Change settings and find Melco OS. Make sure Private and Public are checked for Melco OS.


Or if you are using Bravo OS, choose:



4.  Check the Melco OS Advanced Network "Pairing" Feature to see if your machine is connected/listed. If your machine is connected you can skip the rest of the steps. If you still see the gray screen, the machine did not connect, continue with the steps below.  If your machine does not have a 34799 Main-PCB, skip this step.

5.  Click Show hidden icons in the bottom right, and Click Windows Security.


6.  Click Firewall & network protection.


7.  Turn all three networks off by clicking on each.


8.  Unselect the On button, making sure it says the firewall is off.



9.  After making sure all three firewalls are off, check the Melco OS to see if your machine is connected, if you still see the gray screen, the machine did not connect, continue with the steps in Machine Not Detected (Not Connecting To Computer).




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