Z Axis or Z Timeout Errors

Review this Support Video on Troubleshooting X-, Y-, and Z-Axis Errors on Facebook and YouTube.

  • Check Bobbin Tension.
  • Make sure the the machine is clear of any thread binds.
  • Check the stitches to see if they are too tight and not puckering the material. If there isn't enough thread being fed, it can cause Z errors.
  • If the error only happens with caps, make sure that they are properly hooped.
  • Clean the hook thoroughly. WD40 works well for cleaning, but do not use it for lubrication. Always use the hook oiler pen to lubricate the hook sufficiently after cleaning.
  • Oil the hook, knife and needle bars. For more information on how to oil the needle bars click on: Help, and within the Index type in "Maintenance timers".  Part of the 4,000,000 stitch maintenance is oiling the needle bars.
  • Click Tools-Check for Updates within your Melco OS or Bravo OS software to ensure that you have the latest version. You can also contact Melco Technical Support for further assistance if none of the above suggestions resolve the error.
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