Machine Stopped with Needle Down (Clearing Thread Bind)

This document details the procedure for identifying and clearing a thread bind.  If you are looking for the most common troubleshooting steps for your machine, review the suggestions here.

For troubleshooting X, Y, and Z Axis Errors and Color Change Seek Errors, review this support video on Facebook and YouTube.


If a thread bind occurs during sewing, your Melco machine may stop with the needle down to prevent damage to the machine.

You will need to find and clear the thread bind, and then follow this procedure to cycle the needle back to the UP position:


1)  PUSH IN THE E-Stop Button so that the LED turns RED:



2)  Observe that the active needle will be in the DOWN position.


3)  Locate the Z-Shaft under the main machine chassis.  If you are not able to turn the shaft either clockwise or counter-clockwise there is still a thread bind.  If the thread bind has been cleared, turn the shaft until the needle is back to the UP position.


4)  After rotating the Z-Axis bar manually, the needle will raise back up (note: if the bar does not rotate manually, there is still a thread bind.)  The take-up lever and the needle will be slightly lower than the rest since that is the currently selected needle.



5)  Now, disengage the E-Stop by turning it to the right so that it pops out and the LED light on the control panel turns green:


6)  The position of the needle and take-up lever should now automatically return to the normal starting position.  You are ready to use the machine again.


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