Melco Bobbin Case Tension Gauge - P/N 34746

To accurately set the tension of your bobbin cases, it is recommend that you use the Melco Bobbin Case Tension Gauge P/N 34746.

You can also review this video on using the Bobbin Tension Gauge and identifying bobbin defects.


Instructions for Using the Bobbin Tension Gauge


mceclip1.png             as shown in red.                                                                  

  1. Pull the thread gently and smoothly in the direction of the arrow at a rate of approximately an inch per second. Doing this will cause the second pulley to move down and with it, the gauge indicator. Watch as you pull for where the indicator is when the bobbin is starting to turn.


  • The ideal setting for bobbin tension for EMT16 and EMT16Plus is between 180 and 220.
  • The necessary setting for bobbin tension during Thread Sensor Calibration is 250.


Adjusting Bobbin Tension

  1. To adjust the tension, access the adjustment screw (larger of the two) on the tension spring from the recessed corner of the gauge.
  2. Using a small flat blade screw driver, turn the adjustment screw in small increments between testing. Small rotations can make large adjustments to the tension.
    • Clockwise: This increases the tension on the bobbin thread.
    • Counter Clockwise: This decreases the tension on the bobbin thread.


Other Instructions


  • This device is a precise measuring apparatus that has been carefully tested and adjusted. Do not drop, hit against another body, or disassemble it.
  • Avoid gauge contact with thinner oil, benzine oil, alcohol, and/or petroleum.





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