Rotary Hook Adjustment For Original Amaya (BigRed)


*These instructions are for the Original Amaya machine model, also known as BigRed.

The 6 hook adjustments cover:

  1. Needle Case Calibration
  2. Needle Depth
  3. Hook Timing
  4. Needle-to-Hook Gap
  5. Rotary Hook Support (Retaining Finger) Adjustment
  6. Completion: Reassembling Hook Covers and Needle Plate Centering

This entire procedure can take from :30 to :90 minutes depending upon how many of these corrections are necessary.

These steps should all be performed in order; as the later adjustments are dependent upon the accuracy of the earlier steps.

-Needle Depth is needle specific and should be checked for all needles.

-Needle Case Calibration (Needle Centering) should be set to the Color Change Home (Needle #9). Hook Timing & Needle-To-Hook Gap are set to specification on the Closest Needle (see Adjustment #3 below)

-Rotary Hook Support & Needle Plate Centering are not needle specific and can be done with any needle.


Preparation: Disassembling Hook Covers

1) Make sure that the Melco OS program is running on your computer and your Melco embroidery machine is powered ON.

2) Close any menus and click the Reset Design icon.  brh1.png

3) If necessary, perform the Trim Immediate command:  brh2.jpg

4) Remove the Bobbin Case and Needle Plate (Do Not Remove the Rotary Hook Support(aka. Retaining Finger)

5) In Melco OS, click on Tools > Maintenance as shown below.



6) Click on the Head Timing tab.


7) Disassemble Hook Covers is now Completed.



ADJUSTMENT #1: Needle Case Calibration

  1. Needle Case Calibration

ADJUSTMENT #2: Setting Needle Depth

  1. Needle Depths (1)
  2. Needle Depths (2)


ADJUSTMENT #3: Hook Timing

  1. Hook Timing

ADJUSTMENT #4: Needle to Hook Gap

  1.  Needle Guard Gap

ADJUSTMENT #5: Rotary Hook Support (Retaining Finger) Adjustment

1)  Follow the steps to inspect the Rotary Hook Support (Retaining Finger) and adjust if needed.

brh5.png  brh6.png

              Left:  the Hook Retaining Finger Gauge.        Right:  Correct placement of the gauge.


brh7.png  brh8.png

Left: Hook Support (Retaining Finger).   Right: Hook Basket.



#6: Completion: Reassembling Hook Covers and Needle Plate Centering

1)  Follow the steps to Center the Needle Plate:

brh9.png  brh10.png

The image on the left shows correct needle plate centering.  The right image shows incorrect centering.


To verify hook adjustments, check the following pictures:





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