Basic Troubleshooting Steps for EMT16, EMT16Plus and Bravo2

Here are the most common things to check if you are encountering real or false thread breaks or quality issues when sewing:

Click on each of these topics for detailed instructions:


Check Thread Path

Check Bobbin Thread         (Video on Certain Bobbin Cautions)

Review your Acti-Feed Settings

Review your Presser Foot Settings

Rotary Hook Support (Retaining Finger) Adjustment     (Video Instructions)

Needle Orientation

Check Cutter Blade    (Video Instructions)    - verify cutter blade screws are tight - 

Verify Needle Depths    (Video Instructions)

Clean below the Needle Plate  (How to Clear a Bird's Nest)  (Video Instructions)

Identify and Clear a Thread Bind

Check Needle Case Calibration / Needle Centering   (Video Instructions)

Check Hook Timing


The Hook Adjustments listed above are detailed in these step-by-step instructions.

If the EMT16's Cutter Blade has been damaged, purchase a new one here and follow these Installation Instructions.    (Video Installation Instructions)

If the EMT16's Hook Assembly has been damaged, purchase a new one here and follow these Installation Instructions.    (Video Installation Instructions).


If you only encounter problems when sewing on caps, review these helpful instructions:


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