EMT16X (NPT) - Setting Knife to Home

This process is also covered in this Facebook Live Video (also on YouTube) and within the 2 Million Stitch Training Video.


1.  Open the Operating Software on your computer.

2.  Remove the Needle Plate Assembly.


3.  Turn the machine ON.

4.  If you have more than one machine, select the correct one.



5.  Check the selector position. Go to Tools > Maintenance > Steppers 





6.  In the following order, click:  Cut, Select, and then Home



7.  After pushing the Home button, install the Needle Plate Assembly, make sure the knife is homed.



8. Press Start Test.  You should see the knife come out and go back in.  If the knife comes out but does not go back in, perform the Knife Homing steps again.



9.  Check Needle Plate Centering. To drop your needle, you can go to Tools > Maintenance > Head Timing > Bottom Center.

10.  To bring the needle up, close any menu.  Homing the NPT knife is complete.

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