Replacing the Grabber Trap

If you need to replace the Grabber Trap Assembly PN# 33566-01 follow the steps in this article.


1.   Push in the Emergency Stop Button on your keypad. 


2.   Remove the Front Magnetic Access Cover.


3.   Remove the Needle Case Cover by taking out the two screws holding it in place.


4.   Remove the 2 Hex Nuts on the right, that attaches the Trap Assembly.


5.   Remove the Allen Screw on the left and remove the Trap Assembly.


6.   Install the new Trap Assembly. Leave the Allen Screw and 2 Hex Screws loose.

Picture6.jpg      Picture7.jpg

7.  Manually push the Grabber into the Trap Assembly. You can do this by gently pushing the Grabber in with one hand and rotating the Grabber Flag counter-clockwise, as seen standing on the left side of the machine.

Picture8.jpg      Picture9.jpg

Grabber Flag and Grabber             Closer look at Grabber Flag

8.   Move the Grabber Blade all the way into the Trap Assembly. The Grabber Blade should be seated all the way in the Trap.

Picture10.jpg          Picture11.jpg

9.   If the Grabber Blade doesn’t slide into the Trap Assembly, you might need to adjust it by holding it up or loosening the 4 Button Head Screws on the back of the Trap Assembly.


10.   Tighten the Allen Screw and 2 Hex Screws with the Grabber Blade still in the Trap Assembly.

        Picture13.jpg     Picture14.jpg

11.   Tighten the 4 Button Head Screws on the back of the Trap Assembly, with the Grabber Blade still in the Trap Assembly.


12.   Release the Emergency Stop Button on your keypad. The Grabber should automatically come out.


13.   Thread a needle so the thread is hanging out of the back of the needle eye and toggle the Grabber using the Adjust Button + Center Button.


14.   If the thread stays tucked in the Trap Assembly, skip to Step 16 below.


15.   If the thread does not stay tucked in the Trap Assembly push in the Emergency Stop Button. Loosen the Allen Screw and 2 Hex Screws and repeat steps 7 through 13.

  Picture19.jpg      Picture20.jpg


16.  Make sure the small wires for the Thread Sensor are not hanging off or they will be pinched when reinstalling the Needle Case Cover.

GT_15_1.jpg   GT_15_2.jpg


17.  Reinstall the Needle Case Cover and both screws holding it in place, but leave them loose.



18.  Make sure the threads are in front of the Needle Case Cover.



19.  Make sure the top of the Needle Case Cover is seated in the top of the Needle Case.  You might have to carefully lift the cover up until it snaps into place.



20.  Tighten the screws for the Needle Case Cover.



21.   Reinstall the Front Magnetic Access Cover.



22.  Replacing the Grabber Trap Assembly is complete.  Re-thread the machine. 


If the situation remains unresolved, you will need additional technical assistance and should contact Melco Technical Support


Torque Specifications:

This article has non-critical Torque Specifications for:

- M4 Hex Nuts

- M3x6mm Button Head Screws

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