Using Reset Button on Original (31058-19 or older) Mainboards

If you are using a 31058-19 (or older) mainboard there is a Reset Button that can be used when troubleshooting to resolve some issues. To reset that mainboard, follow the steps in this article. This article was written using an earlier 31058-16 board for testing, but the information should apply to any 31058-xx mainboard.

WARNING!! Always observe ESD precautions when handling the main PCB. While the main PCB is resistant to electrostatic discharge, the potential to damage electronic components still exists.

WARNING!! Do not handle the main PCB without turning the machine off. While the voltage input to the PCB is only approximately 36 volts DC, handling the PCB could short the components out while the PCB is still energized and damage the PCB severely

WARNING!! Use extreme care not to drop metallic objects, tools, or other conductive material on the Main PCB when you have the base cover removed. If you drop such objects on the Main PCB, it can severely damage the electronics which can be very expensive to repair.

  1. Turn the machine OFF.
  1. Remove the Tabletop of the machine. 

  1. Before touching the mainboard, place your hand somewhere on a metallic unpainted part of the machine body (not the Main PCB) to discharge any residual static in the machine or your body. 
  1. Remove the metal (EMI) cover. If your machine has a cooling fan attached to the cover, make sure not to yank or damage the wire connecting it to the main PCB.



  1. Turn the Machine ON.


  1. When the board is reset the condition of the lights will noticeably change. After the reset is done, the lights will look like how they were. The machine will initialize and perform the PowerUp Sequence. (Internal Article)


Normal (with more lights on)



While resetting (with fewer lights)


  1. For a Fast Reset push the Reset Button and wait 15 seconds.

 mceclip3.png   mceclip4.png



On early EMT16 models, the Reset button is beneath the fan in upper left.

  1. If nothing happens this means Force Download was probably on and you will need to push the Reset Button a second time, it will do a Long Reset. Wait 30 seconds.
  1. For a Long Reset push and hold the Reset Button for 15 seconds. Wait for 30 seconds.
  1. Turn the machine off. 
  1. If your machine has a cooling fan, make sure it is plugged back in and the metal (EMI) cover is attached again. 
  1. Put the table top back in place. 
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