Identifying Trimmer Types (Including Links to Order Replacements)

There are several styles of trimmers used in the current generation of Melco embroidery machines, including original AMAYA (Big Red), XT, XTS, Bravo, EMT16, EMT16Plus and EMT16X.  The trimmers along with the replacement trimmer part numbers are identified here:

NPT (Needle Plate Trimmer Assembly - PN# 35075)

This trimmer is used in EMT16X, Bravo X and Bernina E16 Plus machines as well as machines upgraded to the NPT system.




S95 Trimmer: (PN#34666-01 Kit, Thread Cutter Blade)

This trimmer is used in EMT16, EMT16 Plus and Bravo Gen2, machines.




ACA Trimmer: (PN#33519 ACA Trimmer Module, Assembly)

This trimmer is used in all XTS and original Bravo machines.  Some XT machines might have also been converted to this trimming system.




XT Trimmer: (PN#32748 Knife, Trimmer)

This is the original trimmer for XT machines.



XT Trimmer Drive Assembly

If you also need to determine what type of Trimmer Drive Assembly you have, check below:


Gen1 Trimmer Drive Assembly



Gen2 Trimmer Drive Bracket Upgrade



Gen2 Trimmer Drive Bracket [without trimmer PCB, for some -17 and newer Main-PCBs]




Original AMAYA (Big Red): (PN#10186 Knife, Moveable)

This is the trimming system for original Red/White AMAYA.




Trimmer Type in the Operating Software:


To verify what the trimmer type in the software is set to, go to Tools > Maintenance > Information > Trimmer Type

To change the trimmer type you can go to Tools Maintenance Steppers Trimmer Type

1124_1.png      1124_2.png

For software versions after to Melco OS V11.11.114, select the correct trimmer from the drop-down list:



For software versions prior to Melco OS V11.11.114 enter the below listed number for the appropriate machine:

NPT - Update your software to the most recent software version.  

3 - S95

2 - ACA Trimmer

0 - XT Trimmer

n/a - Original Amaya (Red/White - Big Red)

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