Buying a Used Melco Embroidery Machine from a 3rd Party

There are some very important things to be aware of when considering purchasing a used Melco embroidery machine from a 3rd Party instead of purchasing directly from Melco or from an Authorized Melco Partner.


  • Warranty does not transfer to the new owner when purchased through a 3rd party. Warranty coverage and support are only provided to the original purchaser of the machine. Extended Warranty Coverage might be available on some models. Technical Support via telephone can also be purchased.


  • The purchasing party must register the machine and software with Melco. Machine and Operating Software registration is provided at no charge. DesignShop license transfers require a $600 re-licensing fee. Have the DesignShop Serial Number available and Contact Melco Sales to complete the DesignShop license transfer.  Re-licensing allows for Re-Activation of the software license, access to any software upgrades, and one year of Technical Support.  Note that the re-licensing fee can be waived if a new 3-Year Extended Warranty is purchased by the new owner.



  • It is recommended to hire a Certified Melco Technician to inspect a used machine prior to purchase to determine the condition of the machine and whether maintenance was routinely performed and is up-to-date.


  • If the purchasing party is not trained on proper Melco machine usage, it is recommended that a Certified Melco Trainer is hired to provide training.


  • Certified Pre-Owned Melco embroidery machines are available through Melco Sales. These machines are factory refurbished, include a warranty and Technical Support.


  • If you are interested in trading in an older model of Melco embroidery machine for a new model, contact Melco Sales.


  • Melco does not provide assistance with selling used machines between third parties.


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