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Visit the VIDEOS section of Melco's Facebook Page (Facebook account required) or Melco's YouTube Education and Training Channel (no login needed) to review Melco's archive of helpful and detailed instructional videos on the wide variety of topics below.  You can learn great digitizing techniques in our DesignShop Talk presentations and all of the multimedia options with Digital Mondays.

02.19.20 Diagnosing and Fixing Digitizing/Design Problems - (Facebook) - (YouTube)
02.12.20 Melco Cost Calculator - (Facebook) - (YouTube)
02.05.20 DesignShop's Custom Shapes Feature - (Facebook) - (YouTube)
01.29.20 Premium Allied Grid-Lock Hoops - (Facebook) - (YouTube)
01.22.20 Installing Melco Software on an Apple/Mac Computer - (Facebook) - (YouTube)
01.15.20 Installing Thread Sensor / Acti-Feed Sensor - (Facebook) - (YouTube)
01.08.20 Introducing the new EMT16X and XL Hoop (Facebook) - (YouTube)
12.18.19 Embroidery on Thick Garments such as Carhartt jackets (Facebook) - (YouTube)
12.12.19 Using the Auto-Compensate Feature to mimic other machine output (Facebook) - (YouTube)
12.04.19 Multi Media Patches - (Facebook) - (YouTube)
11.20.19 Melco OS and Bravo OS - X, Y, and Z Axis Error Messages/Troubleshooting - (Facebook) - (YouTube)
11.13.19 Sublimation over Embroidery - (Facebook) - (YouTube)
11.06.19 Absolute Basics for Beginners - Getting Started - (Facebook) - (YouTube)
10/23/19 Stocking Hat Embroidery (Facebook) - (YouTube)
10/16/19 Increasing Production Efficiency w/Bar Code Readers / Master Queue (Facebook) - (YouTube)
                 * * Link to Free Barcode Font Download Page* * 
10/09/19 Navigating the Melco Technical Support Page and Knowledgebase (Facebook) - (YouTube)
10/02/19 Adjusting X-Cable Tension and Wide Angle Cap Driver Cable Tension (Facebook) - (YouTube)
09/25/19 Benefits of Adding Dye-Sublimation and Digital Printing (Facebook) - (YouTube)
09/18/19 Multiple Hoopings for a Design (Facebook) - (YouTube)
09/11/19  Finding and Clearing Thread Binds in Color Change System (Facebook) - (YouTube)
09/04/19 Maximizing efficiency and profits with DTG (Direct-to-Garment) Printing - (Facebook) - (YouTube)
08/28/19 Creating Custom Patches - (Facebook) - (YouTube)
08/21/19 Table Top Uses - (Facebook) - (YouTube)
08/14/19 Alphabet Editor - Creating Embroidery Alphabets - (Facebook) - (YouTube)
08/07/19 Melco Fast Clamp Pro - Setting up Designs -  (Facebook) - (YouTube)
07/31/19 Bird's Nests - Clearing and Preventing  -  (Facebook) (YouTube)
07/24/19 Thread Break Troubleshooting - (Facebook) (YouTube)
07/17/19 Adding Alphabets, Fonts and Lettering to DesignShop - (Facebook) (YouTube)
06/26/19 Adjust and Maintain the Red Wide Angle Cap Driver - (Facebook) (YouTube)
06/19/19 Using Keypad Shortcuts to Move Through a Design - (Facebook) (YouTube)
06/12/19 Stretchy Performance fabrics: Poly, Spandex, Dri-Fit, Moisture Wicking Material  (Facebook) (YouTube)
06/05/19 Shortcuts for Manipulating Shapes & Designs (Facebook) (YouTube)
5/22/19 All About Mighty Hoops with Melco machines  (Facebook) (YouTube)
5/15/19 User-Level Service: Mainboard Replacement and Upgrade  (Facebook) (YouTube)
5/8/19 Creating Lettering Designs and Adding Lettering to Designs   (Facebook) (YouTube)
5/1/19 Laser Alignment  (Facebook) (YouTube)
4/24/19 Getting Started - Machines, Accessories and Software  (Facebook) (YouTube)
4/17/19 Whats in the Hoop  (Facebook)   (YouTube)
4/10/19 Applique - Start to Finish  (Facebook)   (YouTube)
4/3/19 Needle Case Calibration (Needle Centering) and Needle Depth  (Facebook)   (YouTube)
3/20/19 Digitize Along With Us  (Facebook)   (YouTube)
3/13/19 All About Needles  (Facebook)   (YouTube)
3/6/19 Embroidering Thick Items: Karate belts, horse blankets/saddle pads  (Facebook)   (YouTube)
2/27/19 Splitting Elements  (Facebook)   (YouTube)
2/20/19 Backing - And how important it is  (Facebook)   (YouTube)
2/6/19 Wireframe vs Expanded Stitch File Explanation  (Facebook)   (YouTube)
1/30/19 Primer/Knock-Down Stitch for high-pile items like Towels, Blankets, Beanies etc.  (Facebook)   (YouTube)
1/23/19 Digitizing Realistic Fur, Feathers and Foliage  (Facebook)   (YouTube)
1/16/19 Hook/Cutter Blade Replacement. Hook Support Adjustment  (Facebook)   (YouTube)
1/9/19 Sewing on Back of Caps   (Facebook)   (YouTube)  including Mesh Cap (YouTube)
12/19/2018 Cap Driver Maintenance  (Facebook)   (YouTube)
12/5/2018 Non-Poly Thread: Rayon, Metallic, Flame Retardant and Burmilana (wool blend)  (Facebook)   (YouTube)
11/28/2018 Christmas Stockings  (Facebook)   (YouTube)
11/21/2018 How to Digitize for Custom Patches  (Facebook)   (YouTube)
11/14/2018 Monogramming  (Facebook)   (YouTube)
11/7/2018 Conquering Borders and Outlines  (Facebook)   (YouTube)
10/31/2018 Q&A with the Melco Applications Team  (Facebook)   (YouTube)
10/26/2018 Start to Finish Digitizing  (Facebook)   (YouTube)
10/17/2018 Complete Machine Maintenance  (Facebook)   (YouTube)
10/10/2018 Group Names - Creation and Machine Loading  (Facebook)   (YouTube)
10/3/2018 Expanded Editing  (Facebook)   (YouTube)
9/20/2018 Appliqué  (Facebook)   (YouTube)
8/29/2018 Multi-Hooping / Continuous Embroidery  (Facebook)   (YouTube)
8/22/2018 Complete Machine Maintenance  (Facebook)   (YouTube)
8/15/2018 Speeding up your Digitizing Time in DesignShop  (Facebook)   (YouTube)
8/9/2018 Hooping Caps and Digitizing for Caps  (Facebook)   (YouTube)
8/1/2018 Baseball Jersey - Split Fronts  (Facebook)   (YouTube)
7/25/2018 How Digitizing Effects Sew out Quality  (Facebook)   (YouTube)
7/18/2018 Creating Great Effects in DesignShop 10  (Facebook)  (YouTube)
7/10/2018 Mixed Media  (Facebook Part 1)   (Facebook Part 2)
7/3/2018 Vector Digitizing - Graphics to Embroidery  (Facebook)   (YouTube)
6/27/2018 Maintenance  (Facebook)   
6/20/2018 Benefits of adding a Roland Printer  (Facebook)   
6/13/2018 Digitize for 3D Puff  (Facebook)   (YouTube)
6/6/2018 3D Embroidery on Caps  (Facebook)   
5/30/2018 When to use 60 Weight Thread  (Facebook)   (YouTube)
5/23/2018 Small Lettering Success  (Facebook)  (YouTube)
5/3/2018 Hoop Arm Adjustments and Laser Alignment  (Facebook)
4/25/2018 How to Create Custom Patches  (Facebook)   (YouTube)
4/18/2018 Color Blending  (Facebook)  (YouTube)
4/11/2018 How to Hoop Caps  (Facebook)   (YouTube)

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