DesignShop Digitizing Training - Beginning and Individualized Custom Training

Beginning / Learning to Digitize with DesignShop

DesignShop Training Videos are available to anyone learning to use DesignShop 10 for the first time.

Additionally, many techniques and tricks are covered in DesignShop Talk videos.

Some Certified Melco Trainers are also available to hire directly for additional DesignShop training.

Advanced / Specialized Training with DesignShop

Melco also offers an Individualized Advanced Training option: 4-Hour Personalized Digitizing Training for DesignShop v9 and v10 users available on

What this includes:

  • 4 Hours of Individual DesignShop Digitizing Training via Phone and Remote Computer Desktop Connection.
  • This will provide customized one-on-one training with a Certified Melco Trainer for fundamental, intermediate, or advanced digitizing training on DesignShop v9 and v10.
  • A maximum of two 4-hour training sessions can be scheduled on the same day.
  • Training is provided by remote connection to the computer where DesignShop is installed. Fast Internet Connection is Required.
  • It is strongly advised to review all of these digitizing training videos prior to purchasing this training.
  • If you are a Beginner and desire to become well educated in professional digitizing, 4 Training Packages over a 4-week span is recommended...this can be discussed further with your Melco Trainer.

Once you have purchased training, you will be contacted by a Melco Representative who will coordinate the training schedule to best suit your schedule. Answering the following questionnaire will be very beneficial in helping us provide the training that's right for you:

  • What version of Design Shop do you use:   

               Design Shop v9           Design Shop v10


  • What level of Design Shop do you have?

                  Lite     Design Shop     Pro     Pro +


  • How much Embroidery experience do you have?

  • What do you consider to be your level of experience with Digitizing?

            New User      Some Experience       Expert           Other:


  • What, if any, graphics software programs have you used (such as Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, etc.) and what is your level of experience?

  • What are the products/applications that you will be embroidering?

  • What types of designs will you be digitizing?

  • What types of embroidery machines will you be digitizing for?

  • How many people at your location will be participating in the training?

  • Training is typically provided in English.  Do you require training in Spanish instead?


  • What are the main things that you want to learn from this training?


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