Keypad Functions

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Basic Operations



Jog Hoop Up-Left

Hoop + Up + Left

Jog Hoop Up-Right

Hoop + Up + Right

Jog Hoop Down-Left

Hoop + Down + Left

Jog Hoop Down-Right

Hoop + Down + Right

Hoop Trace

Hoop + Trace hpt.png

Bypass Trim Required

Adjust + Hoop

Trim Immediate

Adjust + Color

Speed Up

Adjust + Up

Speed Down

Adjust + Down

Change Active Needle Right

Needlecase + Left ndl_left.png

Change Active Needle Left

Needlecase + Right  ndl_right.png

Open/Close Grabber

Adjust + Center   ocg.jpg

Return to Last Stitch

Left + Right (or currently, Start)

Retain X/Y Position

Up + Down    retain.png

Move to Previous Color

Needlecase + Down

Move to Next Color

Needlecase + Up

Move to Previous Trim (EMT16Plus and X)

Trace + Down

Move to Next Trim (EMT16Plus and X)

Trace + Up

Reset Color Groups

Hoop + Needlecase

Laser Alignment Operations

Laser + Left

Laser Alignment Operations

Laser + Right

Laser Alignment Operations

Laser + Center (Send)

Change Focus

Center (Hold for 3 seconds)

Start Sewing

Press Start

Begin Inching

Hold Start

Sew Normal Speed

Press Start

Stop Sewing

Press Stop

Pause Trace

Press Stop while tracing

Return to Origin After Trace

Press Stop x2 while tracing

Start All

Adjust + Start


Trace + Needlecase

Copy X/Y from one to all

Adjust + Hoop when in Stitch Ready

Appliqué Function (EMT16X/EMT16Plus Only)  EMT16Plus requires latest Melco OS
Appliqué Hoop Forward  Hold Down Arrow for 3 seconds

Maintenance Functions


Manually Feed Thread

Laser + Up

Feeder Home Minus

Center + Left

Feeder Home Plus

Center + Right

Step Next Trim Sequence

Laser + Down

DSP Tune

Laser + Adjust

Move Z +0.1°

Trace + Up

Move Z -0.1°

Trace + Down

Move Z +1°

Hoop + Up

Move Z -1°

Hoop + Down

Move Z +10°

Hoop + Right

Move Z -10°

Hoop + Left

Move Z +20°

Adjust + Right

Move Z to 201.5°

Frame Forward

Move to head up > Move to next needle > Move Z to 201.5°

Frame Forward again (after previous command)

Move Z to 180°

Frame Back

Move to head up > Move to next needle > Move Z to 180°

Frame Back again (after previous command)

Move Z to 27° (Head Up)

Adjust + Up

Move Z to 180° (Bottom Center)

Adjust + Down

Needlecase Left 1 Step

Trace + Left

Needlecase Right 1 Step

Trace + Right

Pulse Thread Break Strobe

Up + Down

Disable Sequin

Stop + Laser + Frame Back

Toggle S95 Thread Clamp

Trace + Center



Determining Machine Type - Beep Test


Illustration of Keypad Functions for EMT16Plus

Trace + Up                             Move to Next Trim

Trace + Down                         Move Back a Trim

Needle Case + Up                   Move to Next Color Change

Needle Case + Down               Move Back a Color Change




Documentation on how to turn ON/OFF the Sequin Head (Discontinued Accessory).







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