Ethernet Cables: Straight-Through vs Crossover

The information below details the proper types of data cables to use when connecting earlier Melco machines to computers. This article applies to original AMAYA Red/White, XT, XTS, Bravo Gen1 and early EMT16's and Bravo2 (manufactured before mid-2016), all of which used the original style of mainboard (31058-xx). This article does not apply to EMT16X, EMT16Plus and later EMT16's and Bravo Gen2 machines manufactured since mid-2016...all of which should always use standard straight-through Ethernet cables.


If you are encountering problems with machine detection, refer instead to Machine Not Detected (Not Connecting To Computer).


  • If a single Melco embroidery machine is connected directly to the Ethernet port (network port) of a computer, a Crossover Ethernet Cable must be used.  (Note that some USB-to-Ethernet adapters don't work with a Crossover Cable, and a Straight-Through Ethernet Cable should be used instead.)



This image shows the difference between a Straight-Through Ethernet Cable and a Crossover Ethernet cable.  Compare the wires in the connectors at both ends of the Ethernet Cable:




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