Small Lettering (Small Satin Stitches)

This article outlines digitizing and embroidery recommendations for small satin stitches which are used in Small Lettering.

  • Melco's video on Digitizing for Small Lettering with DesignShop v10 on Facebook and YouTube
  • Tips for Creating Crisp Small Lettering Elements on Facebook and YouTube.

For best results, review the information below about digitizing for small lettering, and embroidering small lettering:


  1. Use Center Walk Underlay.
  2. Add Pull Compensation (1 or 2 on the Pull Offset, depending on the height).
  3. Density should be set to Auto Density or increased so you have less stitches.
  4. Use Closest Point to remove unnecessary trims between letters. For more information check the DesignShop v11 Manual.


  1. Make sure you are using Alphabets that are meant for small lettering (Micro Block, Micro Times, etc.).
  2. Use a Smaller Needle: 65/9.
  3. Use a Smaller Weight Thread, 60 weight.
  4. Using a Water Soluble Topping (Solvy), hooped on top, helps keep the letters looking clean, especially for knits or fabrics that have nap.
  5. Set the sew speed to 1100 or less.

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More steps with illustrations in this Small Lettering Guide:

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