Determining Stitch Type: Satin Stitch or Fill Stitch

This article covers information about different Stitch Types. Understanding these stitch types can help troubleshoot sew quality issues.

Satin Stitch or Fill Stitches:

Satin Stitches are probably the most common stitch type. Their stitches only sink needle penetrations on either side of the column. The stitches look smooth from the back and forth motion. To prevent stitches from snagging, keep stitch line lengths under 60 points (6mm).



Fill Stitches are often used for larger areas where stitches might otherwise snag. An element containing a Fill Stitch will have needle penetrations throughout the form. The look of fill stitches tends to be a bit flatter than satin stitches. The stitch count of Fill Stitch elements also tends to be higher than Satin Stitch elements because of the extra needle penetrations.




For more information please see the DesignShop v11 Manual.



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