Troubleshooting Missed Trims


If your machine fails to cut the thread, follow the steps below.

  1. Run an AmTrim test.
  2. Test for needle specific issues. When running AmTrim select 1-16 in your color sequence and record if you see a trend. If you determine that some needle bars never get the problem, but others do, that reduces the number of possible causes.
  3. Test for design specific issues. If AmTrim does not have Missed Trims but another design does, a digitizing error is likely.
  4. Follow the steps for your machine model:
    1. EMT16X (NPT), Bravo X and Bernina E16 Plus
    2. EMT16 and EMT16Plus, Bravo Gen2 (S95), and Bernina E16
    3. XTS (ACA) and XT
    4. Original Amaya (BigRed)
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