Activating and Deactivating DesignShop v10 and v11 Single-User Virtual License Software

This information also applies to the Virtual Licenses included with Melco OS and Bravo OS.  This article does not apply to DesignShop 12 setup.  Review this article for DesignShop 12.

Click here for Full instructions on the Activation and Deactivation of DesignShop software in the online User's Manual.


  • DesignShop is digitizing software with a single license to be used on one computer at a time.
  • DesignShop can be installed on multiple computers, but the purchased license can only be Activated on one computer at a time. Other installations will run in Sizer or Lite mode (details in User's Manual).
  • You must be logged in to Windows as a user with Administrator Rights to Activate/Deactivate and use the software.  DesignShop v11 can be run with standard user access in Windows once it has been Activated.
  • To Activate DesignShop on another computer, make sure that it has already been Deactivated on the first computer.
  • Activation/Deactivation is an easy process on a computer with internet access.  Instructions Here.


  • Once the activation process is completed, Internet Access is not required to use your Melco machine and software. If you need to Activate/Deactivate the software on a computer that does not have internet access, you'll need the Device Identification code that is generated by DesignShop on the non-internet computer. Then, with that Device Identification code, use a computer with internet access, and go to this website to generate the Activation Code:


  • You can upgrade lower levels of DesignShop through your Melco Sales Representative (for example, upgrading from Lite to Standard w/Vector, Pro, or Pro+)
  • Once you have received notification from Melco that your upgrade process has been completed, you only need to Deactivate (click on Tools > Deactivate Product)  and then Activate DesignShop (you'll be automatically prompted to Activate when you launch DesignShop the next time) and it will open with the higher level.
  • You do not need to download or uninstall/install DesignShop when upgrading levels, just Deactivate and then Activate to start using your upgraded new level.



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