The Product Serial Number is Invalid



If you are seeing the message "The Product Serial Number is invalid. Please check the number and try again.", the Serial Number isn't being accepted as valid by the software.  This can happen for a number of reasons:

  • Make sure there are no extra spaces before or after the Product Serial Number that you typed in.
  • Make sure to include the dashes (hyphens) where indicated.
  • Make sure you are typing in the Product Serial Number for the correct Melco program.  For example, make sure you aren't trying to use a DesignShop Serial Number into the Melco OS program.  Also, review the prefixes below to ensure that you are not typing a Bravo v11 Product Serial Number into Bravo v12 software, or vice versa. 
  • If you need to Activate/Deactivate the software on a computer that does not have internet access, you'll need the Device Identification code that is generated by DesignShop on the non-internet computer. Then, with that Device Identification code, use a computer with internet access, and go to this website to generate the Activation Code:

Software type will be identified by the first 4 digits of the Serial Number:

  • DesignShop v11: DS11
  • DesignShop v10: D201 (could be "DS11" if upgraded from v10 to v11)
  • Melco OS v11:     M201
  • Bravo OS v11:      B201
  • Bravo OS v12:      B301
  • Bernina E16 OS:   BE01

Refer to this article instead if you are receiving the message: "The Product Serial Number has been activated on another device...

If you have a USB Security Dongle for the Operating Software or earlier versions of DesignShop, follow the steps for USB Security Dongle Not Recognized. After the dongle is working, close and re-open the Melco software.


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