Hoop to Lower Arm Gap

Before checking the Hoop to Lower Arm Gap, verify all aspects of the Hooping System, this can include the hoop, arms or clamp/frame.

Here are adjustments to Hooping Systems that might affect the Hoop to Lower Arm Gap:

There is no technical adjustment or spec for the Hoop to Lower Arm Gap. Typically, Backing barely contacting the Needle Plate without down pressure would be expected. This gap depends on several variables and might vary.

Depending on the application, consider if you would have better results with any of the following:

If you've determined there is damage to the Hoop Arms, you might be able to bend the arms for a closer Hoop to Lower Arm Gap. It is recommended to do this with the arms off of the machine, using a vice might help.

Refer to articles about these issues if you notice any of the symptoms for:

  • Scuffed Lower Arm
  • Scuffed Hoop
  • Scuffed Fabric
  • Scuffed Backing



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