Freestanding Patch

Here is our video on Embroidering a Freestanding Patch.

For digitizing, please see our video on Digitizing for Freestanding Patches

  1. Hoop Badge Film, we recommend 2 layers. Example of Badge Film: 5100-19-109 EZEE BADGE FILM 100mic.
  2. Badge Film typically does not have a grain, however it’s generally recommended to stagger backing at 45 degree angles.
  3. Hoop the material to be taut.
  4. Set the presser-foot to 0, or verify with the height adjustment.
  5. Set the speed to 800.
  6. Check your Acti-Feed. For EMT16X machines this will likely be 10.
  7. After sewing, the patch can simply be torn from the backing.
  8. Heat Press the patch using 248°F - 284°F to remove excess backing. These temperatures might vary based on the material, check with the manufacturer.
  9. Iron on Heat Seal to the back of the patch. Example of Heat Seal: 4220-19-10 E-ZEE HEAT SEAL 5ml
  10. The patch is now finished and can be Heat Pressed to the final application.
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