Unable to home trimmer


This message indicates that the machine was not able to move the knife in an expected manner, follow the steps below to resolve this message.




  1. Power Cycle the machine. If you receive a different error message after the power cycle, search for that message in the Knowledgebase.    e.g. "Z axis tracking error"
  2. If you are using an EMT16X, make sure the Knife is Homed. After homing the knife, Cycle the Emergency Stop Button.

  3. Check if a broken needle is jamming the Moveable Trimmer Blade, it could be wedged in a difficult-to-see spot.
  4. Check for any other Error Messages in the Machine Status Log.
  5. If the situation remains unresolved, you will need additional technical assistance. Here are the available Melco Technical Support options.
  • Uncheck Tools > Maintenance > Steppers > ‘Disable NPT Trimmer Senso
  • Refresh mc/jobs/machines
  • Reflash the Main-PCB
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