Bravo OS v12 has the following changes:

  • Addition of the Simplified User Interface (in LITE and FLEX levels).
  • Here are the online manuals for the Simplified User Interface and Advanced Interface
  • The Simplified User Interface supports ONE Bravo machine.  Multiple machines are only supported in the Bravo Advanced Interface (FLEX Level Required).
  • To upgrade from Bravo OS v11 to Bravo OS v12, contact your Bravo Dealer or Melco Sales.
  • Acti-Feed Lower Limit setting should now equal the actual material thickness.
  • Bravo OS v12 requires a different Virtual License (Serial Number) than Bravo OS v11.  A Bravo OS v11 license is not compatible with Bravo OS v12.
  • Bobbin Tension Requirement remains the same in both v11 and v12
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