Important Notes When Using Melco OS v11.11.114 (or higher), Bravo OS v12, Bernina E16 OS v1.12.152 (v11.12.124)

This information applies to Melco OS version 11.11.114 (or higher), Bravo OS v12 and Bernina OS v1.12.152 (v11.12.124) or higher. This does not apply to AMAYA OS or Bravo OS v11.  Check your Melco Software Version to verify what you currently have installed.

Melco OS v11.11.114 and Bravo OS v12 require exact number of points of Material Thickness when setting your Lower Limit value.  This applies to all EMT16X and EMT16Plus, EMT16, Bravo2 and Bernina E16 machines which have Melco's current mainboard technology.

Understanding Acti-Feed Details - Training Video.

Acti-Feed Lower Limit Suggestions:


NOTE:  Lower Limit values for Structured cap with tear-away may need to be set as high as 18.

If you used earlier versions of Melco OS on EMT16Plus or EMT16 machines, you'll need to increase your Acti-Feed  Lower Limit by approximately 5-7 Points.  Run a few test garments to determine the best value.

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