Using Mighty Hoops with Melco Machines

Mighty Hoops from Midwest Products are compatible with all Melco AMAYA, XT, XTS, Bravo, EMT16 and EMT16Plus machines.  Mighty Hoops are available on the site.

The latest update to your Melco OS or Bravo OS software is recommended for the most recent list of supported Mighty Hoops. Look in the Hoop Manager (Hoop Setup) screen to find your list of supported hoops.  You can also manually update the list of hoops within your software.

There are several Mighty Hoops instructional videos available on the Midwest Products site.


Mighty Hoop Backing Holder Rings

Here are the Mighty Hoop Part Numbers and Instructions (.pdf file below)

MH-425-BH  - 4.25” Backing holder
MH-55-BH    - 5.5” Backing holder
MH-725-BH  - 7.25” Backing holder


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